اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

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all about airport transfer

One of the transfer services in Iran, which, despite many uses, many do not know, is the car rental at the airport. Unfortunately, in spite of the diverse airport transports, still, when it comes to car rental at the airport, most of us go to the car rental agencies at the airport, and there is not enough advertising and information available. It's interesting to know that many reputable companies offer many airport shuttle services and allow you to rent an automobile even online. In this article, we will try to accurately describe the services provided under the name of Airport Transfer:

It is also important for you to come to the airport for a domestic or foreign air travel. Most people go to the airport with the agency and others go to the airport with their own car and during their trip they park their personal equipment at the airport car park. They are unaware of being able to ride the car with the driver in the comfort of the airport. In this way, you can choose your car and at a reasonable cost, the driver will carry your loads until delivery to the airport. Mastering professional drivers for routing allows you to reach the airport in a timely manner without worrying about delays.

Another thing that goes on a lot of air travel is the trance dilemma after arriving. If you travel with a tour, usually after your destination, your special service will accompany your tour to the hotel. But on a personal trip, you can go to your residence in the city by car hire. Easily book your car online, make online payments, deliver your load and equipment to the driver, and start your journey comfortably.

Another item that is used extensively is airport formalities. Officials and people who travel for important business meetings can go to the desired location by renting luxury cars with a custom-made uniform. If you have foreign guests, you can also get help from the fluent English driver.

One of the less-known uses of Airport Transfers is the car rental for loved ones. When your loved ones travel to your city or go back on a journey, and you can’t embrace them with a passion for heart, because of busy or anything. In this case, you can rent a luxury car with a driver and send them with a flower or a gift and, with this surprise, compensate for your absenteeism.

Many companies in Tehran and the cities offer car rental services at Imam airport and other domestic airports, which you can find through many of the internet searches.









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