اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

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The Abyaneh Village

Historical villages of Iran are one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran that attracts many tourists from around the world every year. These villages are famous in the world because of the different architecture of their old houses, the special clothes of their local people, and the food and culture of their peoples. Most of these historical villages are located in the desert area of Iran, near Kashan and Isfahan. One of the most famous of them is the Abyaneh Village that its name came in the largest tourism books and travel guide sites.

Abyaneh is in the top of the list of Iran's most visited destinations. It’s a desert village known as its old red color houses. This beautiful village is very popular among tourists, and it provides a memorable experience for all of them.

The best time to visit Abyaneh is the Autumn. Because the climate of this village due to its presence in the desert, it is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. This is where you will experience a relaxing life away from the frustration of urban living. Local houses with traditional architecture and tight alleys in which women with colorful dresses are seen at their corners will take you to another world.

It's like time has stopped at this point in the world and there is not modern and stressful life. Everything in this village is in its most beautiful and most traditional way and after going to Abyaneh, it will be very difficult for you to return to modern life. The tranquility and beauty of this village will capture the hearts of every tourist.

Do not travel to Abyaneh Village without your camera! Unique and colorful local costumes, beautiful architecture of old houses, streets and alleys of this village must surely be kept in your photo album! So add the Abyaneh Village to the list of places you need to see before you die!











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