اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

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Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East, with many historical attractions and ecotourism. The three most famous cities of Iran, which are visited by priority foreign tourists, are Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd. If you plan to travel to Iran, do not miss the visit to these three cities.


Isfahan is a tourism center in Iran attracting many foreign tourists every year. There are many historical tourist attractions in Isfahan and the historic attractions of Isfahan, which are often designed with Islamic architecture, are very spectacular.


Shiraz is a romantic city of Iranians. The three symbols of the city include poetry, wine and rose. The tomb is one of the most famous Iranian poets in this city. Shiraz is famous for the streets full of trees and scented air.


Yazd is a desert city with many ancient attractions. Desert houses and their special design make Yazd famous. These homes are designed to have a cool atmosphere in a warm desert climate. There are many spectacular archaeological sites in the city that you can visit. Famous souvenir of Yazd, delicious sweets there.







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