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اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

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Alangdareh Forest Park

One of the best options for autumn trips is sightseeing in the forests. These ecotourism attractions show the painting of God in the autumn. Great weather and a lush environment will inspire you to feel the freshness of the forest. Picnic in the forest in autumn is a good idea to get away from the stress of modern daily life.

Iran is famous for its ecotourism attractions. North of Iran, has vast resources of forests, attracting many tourists every year because of its proximity and easy access to the capital. The city of Gorgan has been advertised less frequently in the media, despite the pleasant weather and the most spectacular nature, and few people are aware of Gorgan's tourist attractions.

One of the most famous natural attractions of Gorgan is Alangdareh Forest Park. This amazing forest is spectacular throughout all seasons, but it is one of the most famous destinations for autumn travel. Alangdareh Forest Park with an area of 185 hectares is one of the most important Iranian forest resources and is famous for its long and colorful trees.

The Health Road

If you are interested in nature and adventure in the forests, do not miss walking on the health road of this Alangdareh Forest Park. This Road is a wooden route throughout the forest that designed to provide passerby safety. Walking on this wooden path, every moment brings new colors to you and it's exactly the same road that we always walked in our dreams.

Ghalashi River

From Alangdreh Forest Park, the Ghalashi River passes through the middle of the forest, combining the breathtaking nature with the sound of the water and causing the air to cool its surroundings. This is the heaven itself.

Picnic in Alangdareh Forest Park

This beautiful and spectacular forest has a very relaxing atmosphere and is one of the best options for a picnic. So if you are interested in a picnic with your loved ones, be sure to bring the right equipment.

Do not miss the yoga opportunity in this dream paradise! This can be a recurring and memorable experience for you.

Alangdareh Forest Park is one of the best photography locations. So be sure to bring your own camera to record God's paintings there.









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