اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

اجاره خودرو

اجاره خودرو|اجاره ماشین

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Undoubtedly one of the most important stages of travel, is shopping and visiting the local markets of the destination city. Especially if you or your companions are ladies, shopping on your trip can be very attractive and memorable. But one of the points that increases this attractiveness is the specificity of that market and being different compared to your own city markets. Travel adventure enthusiasts usually visit markets that are specific to that area or historic.

One of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Iran is Iranian Bazaars, which are abundantly found in various parts of this country. If you would like to visit historical attractions, there are many traditional and historical Bazaars in many different cities of Iran. But among the markets in Iran, there is a very beautiful market that has recently found many fans, but unfortunately, this Bazaar has not been adequately presented in the media, despite its great beauty.

The weekly markets in Iran are very common. Friday markets are held in almost all of Iran's cities, but one of the most famous Friday markets is the Parvaneh Friday Market. This Friday market is being held in the parking of a complex in the center of Tehran, where many visitors visit it every week. The reputation of this market is not due to its architecture, but because of its particular goods.

Parvaneh Friday Market, is the most popular antique and artistic workshop in Iran. A colorful market that attracts every visitor to its traditional and specialty goods. Iranian handicrafts and souvenirs are also sold on this Friday market. There are even sellers who sell traditional Iranian delicacies and snacks. If you are interested in marketplaces and the purchase of specialty items in every country, do not miss your chance to visit Parvaneh Friday market to Iran.














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